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Dear members,

The ANPPLB (Association de Nautisme, de pêche et de protection du Lac Bowker) is now 33 years old. Since day one, we've been promoting respectful boating and fishing activities aimed at protecting our resources. The support of our members is essential to the continuity of our activities.

IT'S TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP. To re-register, select the red Become a member box at the top right of the page.

100 members sign up every year and support our activities by becoming a member for $25. This year, your membership is valid for two members. What's more, 24 of them have agreed to make an additional contribution by becoming an Ambassador Member, to enable seeding to take place every year. We would like to thank you all for joining us as a member or ambassador. Your membership demonstrates your great concern for the protection of our living environment. We're counting on you again this year.

In the spring, our great volunteers will be installing the summer buoys. We would like to remind you that these buoys delimit and protect the banks of the lake, as much to prevent erosion of the banks by waves as to respect the peace and quiet of the residents of our precious lake. For this reason, traffic in this zone is limited (depending on your type of boat) and must not make waves. Outside this zone, boat speed on the lake is limited to 50 km/h.


Last year, we were unable to take advantage of the Quebec government subsidy for lake seeding. Your association therefore used its reserve funds to carry out the seeding. We therefore invite all those who fish on the lake and who are able to do so to help us financially by making an additional contribution to the 2024 seeding. You can do this online by making an additional donation to your membership renewal (2 transactions).


2021 marked the 30th anniversary of your association. To mark this anniversary, the members of your Board of Directors commissioned the production of a magnificent conservation map of Bowker Lake. The back of the map contains a wealth of information relevant to all lake residents. Fish, lake depths, protection measures, good boating practices, and more. If you still haven't received it, you can obtain it by contacting the Council at


THIS FLAGSHIP EVENT IS SCHEDULED TO TAKE PLACE THIS YEAR. Details will be announced later in the season. The last edition was a great success.


We will shortly be informing you of the target date for our Annual General Meeting.

THE ANPPLB FACEBOOK PAGE will keep you up to date with any changes or details of events, so please subscribe if you haven't already done so!

We need your involvement, especially by renewing your subscription, to continue to defend the interests of our members with regard to the recreational use of the lake and to ensure its protection. Payments can be made via the website or by cheque only. Cash is no longer accepted, as it is more complicated to manage.

Rest assured that the members of your association's Board of Directors are fully committed to preserving this jewel, Lake BOWKER.

I am at your entire disposal and can be reached on my cell at (514) 234-9952.

Your President, Sylvain Laporte

All members of the Board of Directors, Sylvain Laporte, Claudine Binette, Gilles Blais, Alain Gagnon, Richard Jutras, Marie-Ève Lacombe-Harvey, Frédéric Laguë, Gerald Pepin, Daniel Vandenberg, and Éric Veilleux.


You like fishing - become an ambassador


For the past 9 years, your ANPPLB association has been responsible for annual fish stocking to benefit anglers and maintain the Bowker Lake ecosystem.

  • 2024 : 8 250 $
  • 2023 : 7 500 $
  • 2022 : 7 500 $
  • 2021 : 5 000 $
  • 2020 : 5 000 $
  • 2019 : 9 300 $
  • 2018 : 8 250 $
  • 2017 : 1 000 $
  • 2016 : 6 000 $


Your contribution as an ambassador ($250) for the association is important. Your contribution will enable us, as it does every year, to seed our lake.

To support seeding, become an ambassador member:


For example, in 2023, the $7500 invested enabled us to add to the lake :

  • 356 rainbow trout 11 to 13 inches
  • 251 rainbow trout 14 inches and over
  • 354 brown trout 13 inches and over

GOAL 2024

Thanks to your ambassador contributions, your association will invest a minimum of $8,250 in fish stocking. This amount includes a $1,000 grant requested and obtained in the fall of 2023 by your association from the Quebec government's Ministère de l'Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la faune et des parcs.

Happy fishing!


Contact us


Facebook page: Association de Nautisme, pêche et protection du Lac Bowker

To follow all activities and information about the association!

Phone numbers

(819) 823-4742 Richard Jutras

(514)234-9952 Sylvain Laporte

(514) 914-3469 Claudine Binette





97, Chemin du Tamia,
Orford, Quebec

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